Sour Banana Cannabis Strain Review: Benefits & Effects

Sour Banana is a great strain for those who love the taste of tropical fruits. This bud has a refreshing and delightfully sweet flavor that will make you feel like you’re on vacation, even if you’re not. Sour Banana is an Indica dominant hybrid with about 60% Indica and 40% Sativa genetics.

Some other interesting facts about this specific cannabis strain are that it smells like sweet tarts or candy, tastes like sour bananas with hints of citrus, and has a fruity taste before exhaling. This particular cannabis plant is best for combating depression and anxiety, giving you a happy high feeling not only mentally but also physically.

Sour Banana Strain Profile

Sour Banana is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain that produces an energizing cerebral high. Sour Banana buds have a sweet, fruity smell with hints of gasoline and pine. The flavor profile includes notes of sour lime, diesel, and earthy spice.

Many users report feeling uplifted after using this strain due to the euphoric effects it can produce, in addition to its ability to relieve stress and anxiety for some people. This potent bud may be too strong for novice or sensitive consumers, so use caution when medicating with Sour Banana.

The sour banana gives you a strong mental and physical boost. It starts with a euphoric high that lifts your spirits while also increasing your focus and creativity. Your body will feel refreshed as well after a while, and you will be happy and anxious to go outside.

Aroma and Taste

The sour banana strain has a sweet and candy-like aroma. It tastes like sour bananas mixed with citrus, and it leaves a fruity taste as you exhale. With heavy diesel fuel scents and lovely earthy undertones, the Sour Banana has a delectably sweet and fruity aroma. It’s a colorful combination of aromas. The fruitiness, on the other hand, may occasionally be overshadowed by the diesel aroma.

This strain has a flavor that is akin to diesel gasoline. You get a taste of what a banana that isn’t quite ripe may taste like—a little more acidic, earthy, and mouth-puckering than a totally ripe banana. It tastes like sour candy, which is quite different for a marijuana strain.

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Look and Texture

This bud is beautiful, with medium-sized green nugs. It has a few orange hairs and some crystals scattered here and there. The consistency of the strain is mostly dry but not crispy. It is fairly sticky too, so make sure you keep it stored properly.


Sour Banana offers a nice balance between cerebral effects and physical relaxation. You do feel relaxed, but you also feel energized. As you can imagine, this is great for doing activities. It’s perfect if you need to get things done around the house or go on a walk. It makes you feel happy and free, which would be great for relieving stress or anxiety. You don’t really have trouble with thinking either. Sour Banana would be better for social settings than being alone since it’s an uplifting strain that can put some people in a rather chatty mood, even if they’re more introverted.

Sour Banana Sherbet is perfect for treating a case of the blues because of its wonderfully uplifting emotions. It can also help you break through writer’s block in little doses. It aids in the redirection of your wandering thoughts to more significant and innovative ideas. It has the finest effects at low doses.

Growing Sour Banana Strain

This variety is simple to grow, making it perfect for beginners and amateurs alike. The main disadvantage is that it can grow to be rather large, so you should plant it outside unless you have a lot of space or can handle the size. This plant blooms for 8-9 weeks and is ready to harvest in October. Yields range from 500 to 600 grams per square meter when grown indoors, and even greater when grown outdoors.

Sour Banana Sherbet is compatible with SOG and SCROG methods of growing. Each plant is capable of producing up to 21 ounces of bud.

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THC And CBD Content

This strain typically has a THC content of 18-22%, and the CBD level is 1%. You’ll have a nasty case of couch lock from this strain. Banana Sherbet, on the other hand, promotes mental clarity, creativity, and a positive attitude.

Sour Banana Sherbet Strain’s Medical Advantages

This variety may prove beneficial for those with chronic pain, nausea, and inflammation. It’s also good for helping with insomnia and depression since it has mild sedative effects.

This strain is a natural antidepressant. It helps your mood while increasing your focus and creativity. One of the best things about this strain is that it doesn’t leave you feeling heavy-headed.

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Side Effects of Sour Banana Strain

You might notice the following side effects when using Sour Banana Sherbet: dry mouth, dry eyes, dizziness, paranoia, headache.

It’s not for everyone—some people may not enjoy the diesel flavor, but it’s something that most smokers can manage.

Because of the high THC level in Sour Banana, it may cause anxiety and paranoia in certain people. You shouldn’t have to worry about this at moderate or low doses. Large doses may induce discomfort due to the THC levels, as previously noted. Lesser doses will provide the best comfort if you have a headache or body problems.

Final Thoughts

This is a very versatile marijuana strain that can be used for many purposes, including medical applications. It’s particularly great if you want to stay active during the day since it provides excellent energy without feeling paranoid or anxious.

It may not live up to its name—it won’t make your mouth sour, nor will you see bananas growing on the plants—but it does provide some pretty nice effects.

Regardless of how it tastes, you’ll find this strain to be most pleasurable. It will make you feel relaxed and happy while keeping your mind sharp and focused.

To avoid side effects and undesirable results from this strain, it is critical to use the correct dosage. For newcomers, the least dose is suggested.

Overall, the Sour Banana strain is pleasing to the eye, nose, and palate. It provides a pleasant and uplifting high.

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