Marijuana Smell: Ways to Mask the Odor When You Smoke Weed

Marijuana is a preparation of dried leaves from the cannabis plant, and the term typically refers to the rough, fibrous vegetable matter. The natural form of marijuana has a strong aroma and flavor.

Marijuana contains more than 400 chemicals, including cannabinoid-a chemical that causes changes in mood and increases appetite. This chemical can be used to create creams, lotions, and other products that don’t contain THC.

There are many ways to make it smell better when growing your weed, such as using special supplements and nutrients, using living soil, controlling the temperature and humidity, using strong lights, and cutting and drying the buds.

When smoking weed, there are many ways to make it smell better. There is a variety of products you can use to help control the odor of marijuana smoke in your home or public places.

Some methods may include using special techniques when rolling your cannabis, adding filters to joints and bowls, or switching to vaping instead. Using little to no products when vaping or smoking can create the best smell.

What Does Weed Smell Like?

Different strains of weed emit different smells. The most common types of marijuana strains and their associated aromas:

Sour Diesel is an intense, lemony strain that gives off a diesel fuel-like odor similar to what you would find at an auto mechanic’s garage.

Blueberry is a fruity but sweet rose that becomes musty if smoked too early in the flowering cycle. The signature berry aroma remains when burned.

Trainwreck emits an earthy, skunky smell with hints of pine when it’s burning. Trainwreck’s smoke tastes mint-like and carries a hint of spice on the exhale.

Jack Herer is a spicy, herbal strain that has an earthy pine smell when it’s smoked. It has hints of coffee and pepper in the smoke, too.

Mango Kush emits a fruity mango aroma similar to some freshly-squeezed juice with some added skunkiness on top. Burning the bud gives off a similar taste as it does smell, but with a fruity mango flavor instead.

Pineapple Kush has an unmistakable pineapple aroma that is extremely sweet and pungent. The smoke tastes like a combination of sugary fruit and hashish.

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What Impacts The Smell Of Marijuana?

Pollen, wind, heat, humidity, and proximity to other plants are some of the factors that can influence your cannabis plant’s scent.

Wind: The open-air is an ally for curing your weed odor, thanks to prevailing winds.

Humidity: High levels of water vapor in the air mean fewer “stuck” odors are hanging around for people with a keen sense of smell. Heat: Weed releases a foul odor when it has been heated during processing or heats up while smoking outdoors on a hot day. Distance from Other

Plants: Be aware there may be another plant nearby that bears a similar but distinct aroma which could affect how your female flowering plants emit their pungent pollen.

Pollen: Pollination by different species can give weed an exciting flavor or create new hybrids, but when pollen is stuck to buds, it can also make them malodorous.

High Humidity: Marijuana plants develop strong odors when humidity levels are high, so controlling the humidity level during growing and curing can help reduce the harshness of that skunky smell.

Lack Of Pollination: Pollination is one of the most critical factors in reducing weed’s smell. An un-pollinated plant produces bigger buds with higher THC content, but it also emits a skunky stink that can make you feel self-conscious or ruin your high.

Temperature And Lighting: In addition to pollination, temperature, and lighting impact how cannabis plants smell. Indica strains are usually darker, so they grow denser buds with more resin than Sativa plants.

If you’re growing weed indoors, temperature and humidity levels can also be adjusted to control the smell of your stash. Lowering the temperature or adding a dehumidifier can reduce associated odors, but this may increase the time it takes for your plants to reach maturity.

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Why Does Weed Smell Like Skunk?

The smell of marijuana comes from an essential oil found in the plant that is similar to that which makes skunks smell so pungent. Not all weed smells like skunk, but strains high in THC usually emit a pungent aroma, whereas those with lower amounts may not have much odor at all.

Cannabis plants typically do not emit a strong smell until they flower when the essential oil is produced.

When marijuana plants grow in soil, it is not uncommon for them to develop a “stink” in order to protect themselves from predators and insects. Indoor growing may limit this natural form of protection, especially if you use less-smelly nutrients or pesticides.

How To Make Your Weed Smell Amazing

  1. Drying and Curing: Proper drying and curing practices can help reduce how strong freshly cut marijuana smells after harvesting and before storage.
  2. Using the Right Supplements: The nutrients you give your plants can make a big difference. Nutrients are the chemicals inside fertilizers that tell plants how to grow. Different types of nutrients affect various aspects of plant growth, including how it smells.
  3. Using Living Soil to Limit Weed Smells: Growing weed in living soil is an easy way to mask the smell because the nutrients inside the soil are responsible for creating strong odors.
  4. Using Special Lights: Fluorescent lights are often used in growing weed, but this may cause your plants to emit a faint electrical smell. Plant stress lights are designed to mimic natural sunlight and can reduce odors by providing light that is more closely mimicked by the sun.
  5. Using Carbon Filters: AC units with carbon filters are commonly used to keep the smell of growing weed under control. Another alternative is investing in an ionizer, emitting negative ions that pull smoke particles out of the air.
  6. Managing the Temperature and Humidity: Because flowering marijuana emits the most smell, humidity can be controlled to make sure it stays at an optimal level. Keeping humidity levels between 40 and 60% will reduce the scent while keeping your plant healthy.

What Are The Best-Smelling Weed Strains?

Indicas are typically known for their earthy pine scents, while Sativas are known for their stimulating, refreshing aromas. The best types of weed strains to use for aromatherapy come from the Kush varieties. This type of weed has an uplifting, more tropical scent that can be very pleasant.

Kush strains include:

  • OG Kush
  • Purple Kush
  • Master Kush
  • Blackberry Kush
  • White Rhino
  • Mob Boss

The aromatic effects of weed will depend on which strain you choose. It’s easy to feel the soothing benefits of this wonderful plant, but it may take some trial and error to find the strain that works best for you.

Final Thought On How To Make Weed Smell Amazing

The best way to make weed smell amazing is by using the right technique. This includes managing humidity levels, curing properly, and choosing the proper nutrients for your plants. It also means investing in unique lights or an AC unit with a carbon filter if you live in a humid climate or smoke weed regularly.

It’s also essential to manage the smell associated with drying and curing your marijuana. After using them, ensure you thoroughly clean glass smoking instruments because these items can trap strong odors if not adequately maintained between uses.

The best way to make weed smell good is by choosing an appropriate strain and following growing instructions carefully.

Keep these tips in mind when you’re prepping cannabis for storage so that it doesn’t end up smelling too strong.

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