Snow Lotus Cannabis Strain Review: Benefits & Effects

If you’re seeking a strain to boost your mood, the Snow Lotus variety is an excellent choice. This plant is also known as marshmallow, goohead, or Indian mallow. This is a Bodhi Seeds Indica strain created by crossing Afgooey with Blockhead.​

The Indica-dominant strain is good for daytime use. Although the effects are often felt immediately, they may take a few minutes to kick in. If you are trying to get a boost in energy, then make sure to take the Snow Lotus before you start your day. It gives it a nice uplifting effect that can bring your mood up if you’re feeling glum.

Snow Lotus is mostly known for its sedative, painkilling effects. These are great if you’re suffering from chronic pain. Its calming qualities help with anxiety, while the mood-boosting properties make Snow Lotus a great strain for depression.

Snow Lotus Strain: What Is It?

The Snow Lotus strain is a hybrid between the powerful Blockhead and the docile Afgooey. It’s also a fantastic combination of mellow high effects for anyone who tries it. This strain has a 55% Indica, 45% Sativa balance that is great for daytime medication.

The Snow Lotus is known to have an incredibly low THC percentage of just 6%. Some phenotypes can have up to 8%, but this isn’t typical. This means you can expect the effects to be more of a body high compared to anything else. You can still get a head high, but it’s not intense.

Snow Lotus is a powerful and quick-acting strain. You might expect effects in a short period of time after consumption. As a result, if you decide to take it, keep in mind that you should be prepared and informed of the possible side effects.

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Scent and Taste

The potency of the Snow Lotus is intense. It lacks the distinct fragrance of other strains. It’s just an earthy, natural taste that resembles dirt. This is why it’s also referred to as goohead. The odor becomes more potent as you weave it. At times, Snow Lotus does have a kind of sweet scent to it, but the taste is absolutely not indicative of this.

The flavor completely matches the scent. It’s a subtle flavor that isn’t distinct. It tastes just like dirt or earthy soil. The effects are apparent immediately after smoking this strain, which is why it earned its name as goohead.

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The leaves of this cannabis strain are tiny and densely packed. It’s usually covered in white trichomes. The buds are also coated with a thick layer of THC. This is why it looks like snowflakes or powder on this strain, which makes it even more fantastic to look at.


It’s perfect for people who don’t want to feel tired during the day if they use this cannabis strain as a wake-and-bake. The effects are clear-headed and uplifting. People often report feeling adventurous and social after using the Snow Lotus strain.

At the same time, this is a sedative strain that could make you feel sluggish after having several hits. It may also aid persons who suffer from sleeplessness because it promotes relaxation. However, if you use it late at night, you may find it difficult to fall asleep.

Snow Lotus Strain Grow Information

The Snow Lotus variety will be a common option for beginning gardeners. This strain is easy to cultivate. It has a short flowering time of 7 to 9 weeks. You can expect it to grow as tall as four feet indoors.

The buds are also thick and resinous, so growing this cannabis plant indoors may be difficult due to the amount of space you need for it. This strain does well in hot climates because it can handle the heat. It isn’t very prone to mold or mildew either, which makes it great for outdoor growing because that’s where the weather is best regardless of climate.

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THC Content, CBD Content

Snow Lotus strain has 21 – 25% THC content. This strain only has 0.1% CBD. With these contents, you won’t feel the full effects of this cannabinoid when you consume it.

Medical Benefits

Because of its high THC content, Snow Lotus can also help with physical discomfort. It can alleviate a wide range of aches and pains. This strain also has anti-inflammatory characteristics, so it can help with swelling and redness.

People who experience these issues or other mental health problems can use this strain to get rid of them almost immediately after consuming it. Weed strains with a higher THC level can alleviate stress, depression, and anxiety. It’s also good for nausea. For these reasons, the Snow Lotus cannabis strain is considered beneficial among medical marijuana users – especially if they’re using cannabis for pain relief after traumatic injury or surgery.

At the same time, this weed strain can benefit patients with other problems. It may be used to treat ADHD because it has stronger effects when you inhale it rather than when you ingest it.

This strain is also considered effective in reducing inflammation of the pancreas, which can help diabetics manage their condition more easily. It’s reportedly good for appetite loss because it can make you feel more hungry after using this cannabis type – especially if you smoke it during the day.

Possible Side Effects

Taking Snow Lotus can also pose side effects like dry mouth and eyes, dizziness, lightheadedness, low blood pressure, paranoia, headache, dry eyes, insomnia, or disrupted sleep patterns.

This weed strain may also cause nausea or vomiting if you use it in large quantities. It can even lead to anxiety when the high is too intense for you.


People who wish to feel peaceful, uplifted, and clear-headed should try the Snow Lotus strain. This weed strain, on the other hand, can be sedating, especially if consumed late at night. If you have tasks to do after consuming cannabis, you should consider this.

Snow Lotus strain may have negative effects on some people who use it. The side effects are especially apparent if you take a lot of this strain at once. This weed strain is best used during the day because it provides energy that could be mixed with focus and creativity.

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