Purple Afghani Cannabis Strain Review: Benefits & Uses

The Purple Afghani marijuana strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid with a sweet and fruity aroma. This bud gets its name from the purple coloring that starts to take over as it matures. In addition, the buds have an abundance of orange hairs, giving off a citrusy smell.

What is the Purple Afghani Marijuana Strain?

Purple Afghani is an indica-dominant hybrid that has a balanced 70% to 30% sativa/indica ratio. It is the result of an unknown strain bred with Afghani genetics, which leads to its candy-like flavor and euphoric high.


The Purple Afghani strain has an aroma of lavender, berries, mint, pine, and diesel. These scents can be detected as soon as the bag is opened.

Once smoked, the taste of berries and mint come through on your tongue, with subtle hints of earthiness, pine, diesel, and lavender to round out the flavor. This bud gives off a sour zing for an aftertaste.

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The buds are light green with darker green hues mixed in along with orange hairs. The nuggets are dense, roundish to conical shaped, and have dark-colored leaves that are covered in crystals. The purple coloring starts to come through as the bud matures into maturity.


Purple Afghani leaves behind a sweet berry flavor that tastes much like pomegranate or grape candy. The best way to describe the taste would be by comparing it to Berocca tablets – they’re effervescent tablets that are packed with vitamins and fruit extracts. They’re similar in color too! Purple Afghani has dark green buds covered in orange pistils and has a thick coating of trichomes.


Purple Afghani has a sweet flavor that starts out with hints of berry followed by earthy undertones. Upon exhale, you can taste pine and skunk with a slight lemon aftertaste.

THC content

THC levels can reach up to 22% with this strain, making it a good choice for those looking to relax and ease their mind and body after a long day or week. The high comes on quickly, usually within 5 to 10 minutes. Purple Afghani’s high is long-lasting and gives you a sense of euphoria that may make the simple things in life seem slightly more interesting.

Purple Afghani Marijuana Strain Effects

The effects of this strain are head-heavy, making it perfect for users who want to relieve themselves of stress and anxiety. Other effects include relief from chronic pain, nausea, headaches or migraines, depression, eating disorders, or lack of appetite due to other conditions such as cancer or HIV. Purple Afghani is even effective at treating insomnia when smoked before bedtime.

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Medicinal Uses

This bud’s powerful high is great for those suffering from any type of disease, especially severe pain. This strain can also help treat muscle spasms and stress disorders due to its ability to relax the user and bring on a calming sensation. The Purple Afghani marijuana strain can also be used as an appetite booster for those who struggle with eating due to illness or lack of desire. Unlike other types of medication that integrate man-made chemicals into its makeup, this bud has only natural ingredients that won’t leave you feeling drugged up. Be sure to ask your physician before using this strain, especially if you are on any other type of medication.

Possible Side Effects

Due to Purple Afghani bud’s sedating effects, it is not recommended that you smoke Purple Afghani if you have any work or school scheduled for the day. It may cause you to become drowsy. Keep in mind that even though this strain has medicinal benefits, anything taken in excess can cause unwanted effects.

Dry mouth is also quite common when using Purple Afghani, so be sure to have a beverage nearby. The sensation of dry eyes and an increased heart rate may occur as well due to the way THC affects your body’s endocannabinoid system. Your blood pressure may also rise slightly after smoking Purple Afghani, which should return back to normal levels within an hour or two. In rare cases, early users have reported slight anxiety or paranoid thoughts occurring after use, but that only happened when too much was taken in at one time. Unlike other forms of medication, cannabis has very few negative side effects compared to all the benefits it provides for those who suffer from a wide range of illnesses.

Purple Afghani Marijuana Strain Review: Grow Information

The purple coloring is believed to be a result of Afghani’s ancestors – landrace strains from the Hindu Kush mountain region.

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Growing and processing

The Purple Afghani Marijuana Strain is easy to grow and has a relatively short flowering period of 7 to 8 weeks. The leaves are broad and dark green, which makes them perfect for those who want to grow indoors or outdoors as long as the temperature stays between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Purple Afghani’s yield is slightly above average, so those growing it should expect around 14 ounces per square meter indoors and up to 1 pound per plant outdoors.

Growing this strain inside takes a bit more work than just throwing seed sprouts into the soil. You need to ensure that your plants receive 12 hours of light each day during their vegetative cycle; otherwise, these plants may stretch abnormally. Growing outdoors is much more preferable for this type of strain since it produces large plants that can reach up to 20 feet tall during their flowering cycle.

After the flowering period is over, it’s time to cure and dry out the bud. Drying should take about a week before you can smoke or even store this strain for later use. For storage purposes, vacuum-seal canisters are your best choice since they remove all excess air from the container so as not to keep your bud fresh for longer. You can also pack it tightly into mason jars but leave some room at the top for a good shake every once in a while.


The yield for this strain varies but approximately 14 ounces per square meter indoors and up to 1 pound per plant outdoors.

Purple Afghani Marijuana Strain Review: Final Thoughts

As long as you’re not looking to stay awake past your bedtime, Purple Afghani is a great choice for those looking for an effective way to relax. This strain’s sweet flavors are sure to please any palate, while its powerful effects bring peace of mind to your busy life.

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